Raising Fearless and Adventurous Children

From jumping in puddles to climbing the monkey bars, trying new foods and making new friends. All of those experiences and more can be so rewarding for children when given the opportunity to experience them. While some children are more naturally reserved than others, all children love to explore something! Yes, the world is filled with dangers, both present and hidden, but if we force our children to live in fear, what kind of adults and global citizens are we raising?

Kids Live Safe is a service dedicated to providing neighborhood alerts and monitoring for parents regarding sexual offenders. Here Kids Live Safe reviews a few ways in which you can help children become more adventurous and fearless while also being safe.

Avoid Giving Directions
Constantly telling children to “go here” or “put that down” will never allow them to experience certain things on their own. They won’t be allowed to create their own path if they are constantly following the one that you are creating for them. Of course, you want to keep children safe, and those directions are fine. Otherwise, step back and let children explore their space and mind in their own way.

Let Children Explore
The world is massive. As adults, we are still figuring it out on our own. Why hinder our little ones from exploring it as well? Give children the opportunity to explore inward and lean on their own capabilities. This helps foster stronger willed and independent children.

Try Experiences Together
Nothing prevents you and your child from experiencing new things together. You can try new foods; explore a new park, and so much more as a family. Keeping your child relegated to specific areas out of fear or inconvenience is not healthy. Work together as a family to come up with new experiences that you would love to try.


Social Media Safety Tips for Teens and Tweens

The Internet can be tricky. For parents, we didn’t grow up with this technology and are still learning it daily. On the other hand, our children are growing up in a technological age that is unprecedented. With this in mind, having safety measures in place for teens on the web is a must. Kids Live Safe reviews 5 ways in which Teens and Tweens can responsibly use social media.

  1. Think before you post. It’s easy to get wrapped up in the moment. Something exciting could be happening and you want to tweet about it immediately or post it on Snapchat. This may not always be the wisest decision. Stop, think, and use your best judgment before posting.
  2. Respect others online. The Internet is filled with people from all walks of life. No one is better than the next person. Always be nice to others and only say kind words. Don’t engage in bullying or harassment.
  3. Monitor what other people post or say about you. While you may think before you post, others may not. This means you must be vigilant in what your friends or even people with bad intentions are posting about you. Be mindful of any negative posts or pictures. Kindly ask to have them removed.
  4. Speak up if someone is bullying or harassing you or someone you know. Use your voice for good. There are some negative people out there who enjoy hurting others. If you see or experience this behavior, notify an adult immediately.
  5. Ask for permission before joining new sites, chats, or meeting people offline. It can be exciting to join the newest social media craze or meet people that you met online in real life. However, some sites are not appropriate for everyone and not everyone you meet online has good intentions. Always consult an adult before making decisions regarding either.